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Ikram Ben Said founder of Aswat Nissa that trains female candidates to stand for election

Senior position for Tunisian women still below expectations

A report was initiated recently as part of the project “Gender and Leadership in the Maghreb and the Mashreq”. It is implemented by UN Women, in partnership with the Prime Ministry and with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of the French Republic (MAEDI).

The report reveals that one in four women having a job in 2016 in the public service with a rate of 26% against 17% for men. It also indicates that the public service is one of the prime providers of jobs for women according.

Tunisia’s minister for women said Friday more needs to be done to promote female civil servants to top jobs after a study showed that few reach the most senior positions.

Tunisia is pioneer in the Arab world in the women’s rights field after the adoption by parliament a law on “end of all violence against women”, strengthening protection and help for victims. The step was commended by rights groups.

Judicial and psychological assistance for victims of domestic violence are provided and controversial article allowing men escape punishment was omitted.

Rights groups say women are still discriminated against, and around half say they have been subject to at least one form of violence in their lives.

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