Mixed Chambers Council Supports Chahed Government

The Council of Mixed Chambers reasserts its support for Prime Minister Youssef Chahed in his fight against corruption and smuggling and commends his determination to place Tunisia’s interests above all other considerations and his call for the unity of all Tunisians.

The Council of Mixed Chambers considers the government’s commitment to assume its responsibilities and to lead the fight to the end as clear signals to preserve the country’s stability, security and development, calling for the imperative to continue this fight concomitantly with the improvement of the business environment and the promotion of foreign companies established in Tunisia whose contribution to investment, development and employment is considerable.

The Council reiterates in its statement that the action taken with courage and determination should be the start of a comprehensive reform that will not fail to restore business confidence, improve the brand image of the Tunisian business site, significantly strengthen foreign investment and clean up the social climate in the country.

The Council of Mixed Chambers voices support for this historic process, reaffirming its support for the efforts to be consecrated to the culture of respect of the law while hindering anything that may harm the higher interests of the country, its security and its stability.

The Council of Mixed Chambers includes the Tunisian-French chamber of commerce, the Tunisian-German chamber, the Tunisian-Italian chamber, the Tunisian-British chamber, the Tunisian-Swiss chamber, the Tunisian-Belgian chamber, the Tunisian-American chamber, the Tunisian-Japanese chamber, the Tunisian-Dutch chamber, the Tunisian-Spanish chamber, the Tunisian-Polish chamber, the Tunisian-Scandinavian chamber and the Tunisian-Canadian chamber.

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