“Coup attempt on Bourguiba” in historical documentary

The archives collected from testimonies, records and documentary images about the events of the coup attempt on late President Habib Bourguiba in 1962, also known as Lazhar Charaiti coup gave birth to the documentary work that gathered Historian and screenplay writer  Khaled Abid, Journalist Chedli Berhouma in the journalistic work  and directed by Fathia Khedir and Mabrouka Khedhir. The documentary was screened for the first time in a special presentation on Saturday in l’Agora movie theatre in la Marsa.

“The idea of ​​preparing this film started in an article written in a Tunisian magazine in 2008 about the secrets of the 1962 coup, but the issue in which the article appeared was confiscated, and all the copies were burned. Then the issue was reprinted after removing the article, Historian and academic Khaled Abid said.

In 2011, the article was re-published with more details in an attempt to correct the path and historical use for these events away from the narrow political calculations, “he added.

Khaled Abid said that “the documentary approach to the State history requires scrutiny and thorough examination of the details and credibility of the testimonies to reach an objective reading of our collective memory away from hatred and the spirit of revenge.” He pointed out that the content of the documentary was prepared by specialised historian so as not to be contrary to reality but rather based on scientific criteria to reveal the historical facts.

“The Tragedy of the State of Independence … The coup attempt on Bourguiba 1962″ is a  documentary film that considered the reasons and motives for planning the coup based on testimonies of politicians who lived during that period, and relying on rare documents including correspondences that could give a clear and real image of the coup,” Khaled Abid concluded.

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