Tribute to our hero security and military officers for restoring our serenity

The unrest that had shaken Tunisia in recent days and disturbed the citizens’ nights has revealed something very crucial in the behaviour of the security and military officers.

This chaos has revealed the degree of maturity and professionalism carried out by the Tunisian security forces and the Tunisian army, who, once again, showed their technical mastery in dealing with a minority of offenders and criminals whose main target is to plunge the country into chaos, responding to the great pleasure of their coward leaders and contractors, whoever they are.

Our guardian angels, in uniform, were extremely professional. They resisted and endured the harassment and provocation without losing their temper and professionalism which was extremely required. They are aware by the weight of evidence how to disprove the allegations of the human rights’ activists, who stand as an unconditional support of the troublemakers. They security officers and the army acted with calm and serenity. They knew how to let the storm calm down when it was necessary, to respond when it was necessary, to withdraw if necessary, to launch a counter- attack at the right moment. They had time to look and identify, and then go back for an arrest session of the trouble makers and looters who thought they were untouchable or unidentifiable behind their neighbourhoods.

Our heroes succeeded, without giving up a single opportunity to the other criminals and terrorists holed up on the heights and hiding behind the borders, who thought they could take advantage of the chaos to show up.

They did a very good job and they did their part of the job then they delivered the offenders to justice and let the law be enforced.

Congratulations, once again, to our heroes of the night and a special tribute for the two ministers of the interior and the national defense, the apolitical technocrats par excellence, who were able to direct our hero sons and angel guardians triumphantly.


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