Al-jazeera fake news surge between Iranian and Tunisian demonstrations coverage

The latest unrest which erupted in Tunisia revealed the way some foreign media handled these painful events with all prejudice and malicious purposes.

Unfortunately, Qatari Al-jazeera channel and some other European media such us French daily newspaper Le Monde exaggerated and amplified the course of events in their coverage.

Many footages broadcast by Al-jazeera channel showed that events in Tunisia were out of control and shown as dramatic events ending with chaos led by hungry people, but the truth on the spot is totally different.

This channel, provocatively, omitted and ignored that the unrest that had shaken Tunisia had a huge violent nature and its painful scene erupted at night, when this channel focused on the broadcast of criminals details live of trouble makers who burgled and robbed citizens’ properties and state domains, ignoring to provide a hopeful story or clarification by focusing on the  peaceful side, claimed by other protesters who do not threaten the stability of a country still seeking its balance.

As a Tunisian citizen, I am disappointed of the attitude of this channel in these delicate circumstances our country is going through, by pouring oil on flame.

In this connection, we all agree that the Qatari channel fell in the game of fake news and in the selection of events and its deeds arouse our concerns, given that the same channel did not make the least effort to cover the bloody demonstrations that broke out in Iran, during which at least 38 towns and cities viciously and brutally suppressed by the Iranian regime.

The media role is disturbing and confusing, for the simple reason that protests in Iran were terrible and more meaningful than the events that occurred in Tunisia.

So this channel deliberately does not cover the legal protest movements in Iran which have shaken the Iranian regime and all observers agreed on their seriousness and implications.

On the other hand, it is worth reminding that other channels such as the BBC, France 24, CNN and others, again succeeded to cover professionally what happened inside the two countries with a big difference of neutrality.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma Chedly)


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