Scourge of illegal immigration contaminating our hopeless Children

Most of news and stories about Tunisian illegal immigrants are really painful and sad for us, but the most painful of young children.

The  Tunisian Interior Ministry revealed in statement the arrest, by the security units, of 50  children aged between 13 and 17,  from different Tunisian governorates namely Jendouba, kairouan, Ben Arous, Tunis and Bizerte.

The Children arrested confessed that they planned to climb the wall  of the La Goulette Port to infiltrate one of  the ships and leave illegally  to European countries.

We all agree that the Tunisian government is actively fighting illegal immigration and we are used to hearing many stories of  unemployed youths  immigrating, in search for better life abroad, by escaping from Tunisia via Italy and France,  not to mention the significant group of minors, as is the case.

We have to admit that the atrocity of the news regarding these dozens of children who are supposed to be at schools and under the care of their families, and what impels them to attempt such dramatic adventures in order to reach the European countries, is also alarming in addition to the other surging figures and statistics on early school drop-out and drug abuse.

Besides, our shocks arouse concerns and fears because we are facing a new and unprecedented phenomenon represented by a significant proportion of minors trying to desert their country by crossing the Mediterranean illegally.

Therefore, in an attempt to understand some concerned institutions of childhood or others like the Tunisia Forum of Economic and Social Rights, they should assume the responsibility and strive to find solution to the dangerous phenomenon for our society by trying to find out the real reasons behind the intention of these children who are not aware of their tragic fate.

We greatly and hopefully believe that media can handle this phenomenon on all its different dimensions, not only on the legal level.

TunisianMonitorOnLine (Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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