Tunisia: Impact Partner to set an investment fund for SMEs

Impact Partner will set an investment fund worth between TND500, 000 and TND2 million ($208,300 and $833,192). This was announced by Leila Charfi, the firm’s managing director, Ecofinagency reports.

The firm which provides companies with financing and technical support to improve their financial profitability targets SMEs through this new initiative, the source said.

 With this, Impact Partner expects to create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

Beneficiary companies will have to hire 30 to 45 jobless people within 3 years,” she said.

Impact Partner supports social entrepreneurs in pre and post-investment by buying an average of TND150, 000 shares issued within 45 days from the company. The selected companies have to create sustainable jobs and their employees must constitute 50% women and 33% youths.

TunisianMonitorOnLine (Ecofinagency)

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