Stop insulting symbols

We need to recognize that our symbols, politicians, intellectuals, scientists as well as economists are often facing tremendous and repeated insults and allegations, especially political symbols who are targeted on a regular basis arbitrarily.

This embarrassing issue undermines the freedom of expression and press that many generations have fought   for it with all the efforts needed.

It is not acceptable to let these lasting abuses broadcast in the programmes of the Tunisian TV Channels and radios or other media…it is not acceptable to continue such abhorrent kind of provocative and destructive media by some presenters, commentators and even participants from different references.

The freedom of expression and press does not mean exceeding ethical and professional standards. Freedom in media landscape requires positive critics, useful suggestions, deep and original analysis as well as another point of views enriching debates.. that onl fuel diversity and guarantee  respect among all stakeholders.

We can follow mistakes or any wrong doing of policymakers or others without ridiculing them with an abusive manner, as some footages showed us unfortunately.

Journalists and commentators must make media credible again and struggle together for non-prejudiced media that ensures coexistence and stability so as to fight any attempt of curbing or eroding level of freedom through distortion or abuse.

If they fail in this task, they lose trust in them and people will look elsewhere even overseas, for upscale and professional media, under widespread use of internet.

TunisianMonitorOnline – Chedly Ben Rhouma

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