Tunisia’s foreign direct investment grew 27 percent

Tunisia’s foreign direct investment (FDI) jumped by 27 percent in the first quarter, due to the government efforts to ease obstacles to investors, including cutting down licenses and limiting bureaucratic procedures, official data showed on Thursday.

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency noted the flow of foreign direct investment in Tunisia was 560 million dinars (USD 230.54 million) in the first quarter.

The rise in investments was  the result of  a strong increase in industrial investment, which rose 45 percent to 185 million dinars.

As regards, the sectoral distribution of foreign investments, the industry sector is at the top with 185.3 MD, up 45.2%, compared to 2017, and services 2nd up 76.2% to 116.2 MD.

Foreign investments in energy also recorded an increase of 2.1% to 252 MD.

As for the agricultural sector, it drained at the end of March 5.7MD.


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