More illegal migrants come cross boundary river into Slovenia from Croatia

Slovenian police patrolling the area along the Kolpa boundary river with Croatia in the south of Slovenia apprehended 14 illegal migrants at the weekend, the national media reported.

The Novo Mesto Police Department police report from the region said on Sunday an as yet unidentified body was recovered from the river, according to the Slovenian Press Agency STA.

The 14 migrants apprehended in the areas along the Kolpa river have applied for asylum and will be taken to the asylum centre once police procedures have been completed. Nine of them are citizens of Algeria, four are from Pakistan and one from Tunisia.

Even though the Slovenian police have not established the dead body related to the illegal migrants, more cases would happen as spring and summer come according to the experience from previous years.

The Novo Mesto Police recorded 196 migrants crossing illegally into Slovenia across the Kolpa between September 2017 and February 2018, which compares to 46 between January and August 2017.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Xinhuanet)

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