“CV-Video for employment, innovative web platform for employment and equal opportunities

The association Foundation Act Against Exclusion “FACE Tunisia” launched Friday the project “the CV-Video for employment”, an innovative web platform for employment and equal opportunities (www.facealemploi .TV)

“The particularity of this digital platform is to introduce the concept of video CV and video job postings, which will make it easier to find suitable profiles for companies that will better identify candidates and gain time and resources”, said Zahra Ben Naser, President of FACE Tunisia during a ceremony held in Tunis.

“Considered as a lever for social inclusion, this project aims to optimise the matching between existing skills on the platform and the needs of the market through new technologies and CV video,” she said.

She added that the web interface that will host video resumes is an innovation HR (human resources) and a sourcing tool (search for candidates) allowing companies to commit to equal opportunities and to integrate a nationwide worldwide visible platform that brings together over 7,000 large European multinationals.

According to her, the video CV is a “humanised” way that highlights the skills of the candidates besides the fact that it presents a standardised format offering the same chance of visibility for all.

“It is a complementary tool to the paper CV and can be more meaningful than a cover letter,” she said, adding that it is a succinct format that helps the candidate to stand out and focus his presentation on most of his qualities in just 45 seconds.

“For applicants, this is a pre-qualification tool,” she added.

As part of this project launched in collaboration with the Ministries of Employment and Higher Education, more than 700 student jobseekers have benefited from coaching among whom several have already produced their CV videos.

Created in 2012, FACE Tunisia has, as priority fields, youth employment, professional gender equality as well as rural women’s economic empowerment, schooling and training.

By promoting the social and societal engagement of Tunisian companies, FACE-Tunisia fights against all forms of exclusion and discrimination.

The association supports companies’ commitment to preventing and combating all forms of exclusion, discrimination and poverty.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Source: TAP)

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