Farewell Maya, martyred as you fight for democracy

The great lover of democracy and brave militant Maya Jribi passed away on Saturday 19 May, after a long fight against a cursed disease that afflicted her in a crucial time that  Tunisia needs her positive contribution. Her courage will remain legendary.

Until the last breath, she had always devoted her energy to the struggle against dictatorship, to the fight for democracy, to the triumph of her noble ideals.

All her life she had devoted herself to this land she had always loved, to this beloved people.

Today we will bid farewell to her with pain and sorrow.

We will miss a woman that her life depicts a great trip in political matters despite her suffering on several occasions.

Contrary to many opposite leaders, in her record a lot of sincere and conscious struggle. In fact she devoted her life for democracy and freedom and to the Palestinian cause.

The late was active and influential in the national political landscape. She was a title of prominent woman, we are always proud of her sacrifices and her positions in difficult times.

We still remember the tone of her voice, her clarity in various political debates in hard and delicate circumstances our country was going through.

We remain recognizing her capacity in the field of political action as well as her political commitment especially during the rule of former president Ben Ali or after the Revolution, when she became well known for the new generations who left them feeling hopeful and full of dreams.

Maya was a bold, courageous and an eloquent woman, honest and strong militant.  She won the respect of all including political opponents.

In these sad and painful circumstances, we extend our heartfelt feelings of compassion and sympathy to all her family members and to her political party which was her beloved refuge to her heart.

Farewell Maya

Ben Rhouma Chedly


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