Kerkennah tragedy, Who is responsible for this calamity?

The wave of illegal immigration of young Tunisians has been growing since the Revolution of 2011 ending up with a human tragedy.

Sunday morning, we woke up with the calamity of the loss of our youth who dared to seek a better life overseas.

The recent toll reveals that at least 46 migrants died when their boat sank off Tunisia’s southern coast (Kerkennah island) and 67 others were rescued by the coast guard, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday.

The rescue operation was ongoing, the ministry said in a statement. The migrants were of Tunisian and other nationalities.

This phenomenon of illegal immigration still causes many victims and sparks many debates: Why such an influx of immigrants to Europe? Why do they take risks like suicide? They find themselves faced with a difficult choice: “To advance is to die; to retreat is to die. So, it’s better to move forward and die. “

A primary consideration has to be done when addressing the problem of migration: illegal exoduses are just one aspect of a broader problem. This phenomenon is the symptom of deep and severe diseases mostly affecting our society.

Thousands of people have fled their homeland for the shores of Europe and many have not survived the trip, it is a lesson that can never be taught! Illegal immigration attempts still persist.

As long as politicians do not lend a listening ear to their youth, young people will continue to seek a safe haven in Europe, so in order to address effectively irregular immigration, it is essential to build a common sense of responsibility and to address this situation at its roots to avoid the gloomy fate that awaits marginalized young people who have lost hope and who are ready to face death in search of a promising future.

Faced with this tragedy, we expected the messages of indignation and condemnation of politicians. However, very few reactions have been recorded.!

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