We must stand together against terrorism

Terrorism has once again struck the innocent. It was a brutal act of violence by targeting our valiant heroes, members of the security institution, in a cowardly act that reflects the state of desperation in which these extremist groups find themselves.

Six National Guards have fallen as martyrs in an ambush against a Border Guard patrol in Ain Soltane that took place on Sunday around 11:45 a.m., according to an official report from the Interior Ministry. A mine exploded during the passage of the patrol.

We, All Tunisian citizens,  extend our condolences to the families of members of the National Guard who were martyred Sunday in this terrorist attack in Ain Soltane border area (Jendouba governorate) with our heartfelt feelings of sympathy and compassion to the families as well as to the entire security institution.

We, all the Tunisian people, call on security institution for not to be dragged into conflict of any kind and that can have negative consequences on the security and stability of the country.

We, all Tunisians, artists, ordinary people, youth, statesmen, MPs, all relevant authorities.…. must show a sense of togetherness by providing the victims with full support and by standing together in the face of terrorism as we have shown before by trying not let terrorism divide us.

Let us stand together in our fight against terrorism.

We will continue to work together day after day and will not let terrorism win.

Because terror wins if, in the fight against it, we fail to protect the sense of shared purpose and trust that bind our society together.

It is primarily for the sake of our national security and the stability of Tunisia in general that we should not let our security officers combat terrorist groups alone, we must remain vigilant at any suspicious act and prevent the terrorists reach their targets.

Long live Tunisia !






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