Some 3,073 illegal Tunisian migrants arrived in Italy since early 2018 (IOM Mission Chief in Tunis)

Some 3073 irregular Tunisian migrants have arrived by sea in Italy, since the beginning of this year, and until mid-July 2018, revealed Monday Lorena Lando, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Mission Chief in Tunis.

Tunisia ranked first in 2018 in terms of irregular migrant arrivals in Italy, during this period, she said, during her participation in a hearing session held by the Tunisian Affairs Committee on the subject of foreigners within the House of the People’s Representatives (HPR).

The number of Tunisian migrants arriving in Italy from 1 January to 30 April 2018 is 1,910, followed by Eritreans (1,810) and Nigeriens (695), she added.

The number of Tunisians who returned to Tunisia is about 94, including 40 from Germany, 14 from Greece, 12 from Italy and 11 from Belgium, she said.

Some 103 irregular Tunisian migrants were repatriated in 2017, half of whom received IOM assistance to create micro-projects.

Members of the Committee on Tunisian Affairs Abroad have called for the guarantee of the right to migration and the regularisation of aid presented by IOM.

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