Archaeological Tours Introduces NEW 2019 Packages

For more than forty years, Archaeological Tours has been setting the standard of what constitutes a great archaeological and historical study tour.

With the announcement of the company’s 2019 programs, three new destinations never before featured by Archaeological Tours – Western China, Tunisia & Morocco, and the Baltics – will join the ranks of itineraries carefully curated and led by their expert scholars, distinguished field researchers who have the gift for bringing a destination to life, according toLuxury Travel Magazine.

The 15 day Tunisia & Morocco: From the Phoenicians to the Berbers itinerary (pricing from $4,950 per person, double, excluding international airfare) will be led by Dr. Caroline Goodson, a University Senior Lecturer at Cambridge.

Dr. Goodson explains said, “for the past 15 years, I have been exploring the formation of early medieval societies in the post-Roman world, especially Italy and North Africa.

My research concentrates on the nature of power in these places, looking at how different groups positioned themselves as successors of the Romans’ past glories or innovators in a new world order, he went on saying

TunisianMonitorOnline (Source: Luxury Travel Magazine)

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