Tunisian young man starts 300-km journey on foot to clean beaches

The 27 year-old engineer Mohamed Oussama Houij is keen on ecology field.  As an environmentalist, he made the crazy bet to walk 300 km of Tunisian beaches to clean them.

For his point of departure Osama chose the city of Mahdia. In two months, he has to cross the beaches of Nabeul, Korba and Kélibia the place where he is now (August 11)  to reach his point of arrival in Solimane. 

Provided with trash bags, gloves, a rudimentary equipment but especially with a great determination, Osama began his journey on Sunday, July 1, 2018. It is not his first initiative; the young man is also the founder of the “Zabaltuna” campaign to denounce the accumulation of garbage in the streets of Tunis.

Mohamed Oussama Houij is publishing on the Facebook  page “300 km” the stages of his expedition, hoping to raise awareness around a noble cause, namely the preservation of the Tunisian coast, a treasure whose value that most people do not seem to grasp.

“One day and I feel already changed. I have to go on the water, I have more sand stuck to the body than an hourglass. Oh, I forgot to say, the beach is called “charaf”, literally “honor”. Funny coincidence … ” said Osama in a post shared on social networks. Specifying the GPS coordinates of his position, Osama is counting on the help of anyone “in the vicinity” to meet this colossal challenge. A dedication that commands respect!

“I promised myself and everyone I met that I would stay strong and honest in carrying the weight of my environmental responsibility. I promised to step back at nothing when it comes to denouncing the cancer that ravages this country, far from the eyes of all, he went on saying. 

Oussama also added “I could keep silent as a large number of people do, I could hide my clichés and make a small exhibition that will bring me applause in a small art gallery for bourgeois where  we discuss environment by eating salmon fished  illegally God knows where ! and gorging myself on the best snacks that this sick civilization can offer, but I choose the reverse flow. I offer you what my eyes cannot capture and transmit, far from the fuss of a beautiful and tourist Tunisia, a Tunisia deeply sick, agonizing of its cancer. I offer you unfiltered reality.”

“To all those whom I have met and who have not stopped complaining and fighting against the demons of their city, you are no longer alone now, we are all here, virtually and physically. The human chain of environmental fighter will be bound one day, and it is at this moment, nothing but that moment, that I would admit that my 300 kilometers were not vain, Mohamed Oussama Houij concluded.




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