NDU Annual Distinguished Alumni Award in strategic studies bestowed to academic and journalist Kamal Ben Younes

The National Defense University of Washington (NDU) and its world largest strategic studies centre, the Near East and South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies (NESA), bestowed its annual Distinguished Alumni Award to journalist and academic, Historian and Strategic Studies Expert Kamal Ben Younes.

This annual award, which has so far been awarded to 7 out of about 8,000 civil, military and diplomatic experts who have collaborated with the University and its Studies, is assigned each year to a single figure in recognition of his whole scientific, human rights, analytical career. It is also awarded for the analytical and forward-looking studies and lectures over the last 20 years on Security developments and military, regional and international changes in different regions of the world.

NDU representative Professor  Anne Moison, who presented the annual Prize to Kamal Ben Younes this year in Casablanca, in the presence of about 100 Arab and international personalities and human rights activists from the Maghreb countries, said that 95% of the ideas and suggestions presented by Kamal Ben Younes during his participation in hundreds of scientific conferences organised by the American University, the Centre for American Studies in Tunisia, the Arab States, Europe, America and Asia since 2002 were followed and applied.








Professor Kamal Ben Younes is a Tunisian academic and journalist, a regional reporter and analyst. He has been appointed General Director of Zeytouna FM Radio before serving as editor-in-chief in Tunisian daily “Assabah” (since 1988 …)

He had also joined the “Etudes Internationales” review (2008- 2011), and had been a BBC regional correspondent in North Africa and Middle East region from 1993 to 2009), and Al Ahram reporter in North Africa from 1994 to 2011.

He is also a political analyst in several Arabic and international newspapers, TV and radios, such as Asharq Al-Awsat (London),  rcssmideast.org ,…on TV, Nile TV, BBC and Monte-Carlo,

He had been General Director of Al Janoubiya independent TV from 2012 to 2013) and Executive Director of International Studies Association in Tunisia.

Kamal Ben Younes is a professor of media, communication, international relations and history in Tunisian University. He was invited as a professor and trainer by American, European and Arab universities of media and International Academic Research Centres, including Barkley UCLA ( USA) NESA, NDU, Marshal Center Germany, AFRICOM, French Military School Paris (Ecole Militaire Paris),  IEMED (Spain), Brussels, Paris, London, Munich, Roma, Madrid …

He is an expert in strategic studies, the Arab and Islamic conflicts and the Euro Mediterranean current affairs. He had business journalistic reports and interviews with several Europeans and Mediterranean officials and opposition leaders, the majority North African officials, NGOs and opposition figures, many Foreign Affairs ministers from the EU and the Arab Muslim world.

Mr Kamel Ben Younes attended several academic journalistic seminars, meetings, conferences in Europe, US universities; North African and Arab countries….

He published hundreds of political and strategic papers in English, French and Arabic.

He participated in several debates in Arab and international TV, radio, and newspapers and published several books, and was Research president in Tunisian Media and communication universities.

Professor Kamal Ben Younes is Director of INCOMS AVERROES (International Communication Media and Studies Centre), Network and President of Averroes Maghreb Europe Strategic studies Forum.

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