First edition of Afric’Up opens works in Tunis

Works of the 1st edition of Afric’Up: Start-up Africa Summit opened on Tuesday in Tunis, with attendance of some 80 African and international speakers (CEO, investors, mentors, experts, confirmed start-ups) as well as 112 African and international start-ups to expose their solutions and innovations on the sidelines of the event.

Over 20 African countries and over 1,000 participants including 250 foreigners are taking part in this two-day event, with a view to promoting innovation, creativity and new digital economies.

Organiser Skander Haddar said that “the event seeks to promote Tunisia as a real hub of talent, knowledge, education, research and innovation on the African scale.”

Various panels are planned as part of this summit on the African ecosystem of start-ups, how to devise a strategy for the development of start-ups ecosystems, Tunisia 2020 and the digital Francophonie, the impact of start-ups in the revitalisation and innovation of e-trade, electronic payment, cyber-security, legal technology and African law, the digital creative industry, incubation and many other topics.

Concurrently with the summit, a competition will be organised to choose the best African start-up.

Over 350 African start-ups applied to the competition. In a first sort, 25 start-ups were selected according to the criterion of innovation either in the process, the product or in the way of marketing the product.

A second selection has chosen 15 Tunisian and African start-ups (Benin, Algeria, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria …).

In the first round of the competition, the jury will select three finalists and in the second round, only one winner will be selected.

Among the competing projects, geo-location of business addresses, an online payment platform, an instant tea project, an intelligent tee-shirt to capture and anticipate cardiovascular accidents, a T-shirt to capture and anticipate epileptic accidents, Digitisation and archiving of biological data and drone activity in southern Tunisia to anticipate diseases affecting palms.

Speaking at the opening of the first edition of Afric’Up: Start-up Africa Summit, Communication Technology and Digital Economy Minister Anouar Maarouf said  that the implementing decree related to the start-up act “adopted on April 2, 2018, by the House of  People’s Representatives (HPR) will probably be adopted on Wednesday by the Cabinet Meeting after having been finalised in consultation with all stakeholders.




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