Hackathon: First edition of Tech talks by Tayara

The first edition of the Hackathon organized by Tayara opened on Saturday in Tunis.  The event is a new model of innovation which is expanding worldwide, gathers students and companies who are interested in accelerating a project, to identify new talents or to be known in the business sphere.

According to the organizers the Hackathon consists in a rally of voluntary IT developers to develop collaborative programming.

Made up of “Hack” and “marathon”, its principle is a non-stop work of small teams for 24 hours so as to foster the emergence of innovative ideas.

Tayara CEO Yasser El Isamili said that this first edition of tech talks is an occasion for the participants to gather in teams to resolve an issue by building a solution under the shape of application, website or robot.

This alchemy between anodyne collaboration and fierce competition catalyzed the emergency feeling that help stimulates the creativity of the participants to provoke innovation. The team that reaches the best results in allotted time, is declared the winner by the jury, he told Express FM.

Mr.Ismaili also indicated that Tunisia is going through a period of change in the digital area, after the adoption of the startup act, « the aim today is to encourage digitalization in Tunisia by helping young talents to make an exchange between them. Tayara is endeavouring in this perspective by putting potentialities within the reach of the objective of the startup aimed to enhance the employment sector he went on saying.

The 2018 hackathon provides the opportunity to encourage exceptional ideas and identify talents, and highlight the unexploited skills, but also an occasion for the participants to interact and expose their ideas freely in the absence of the obligation of result.

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)



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