African Man of the Year Award for 2018 bestowed to Tunisian Badreddine Ouali

Tunisian Badreddine Ouali, President of Vermeg Group was selected for the 2018 African Man of the Year Award,  by Women in Africa (WIA) initiative.

The Women in Africa initiative, which is the first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women, works along with men, given the principle of “empowerment” of African women can be possible only through the collaboration with men.
The African Man of the Year Award is an initiative which aims to highlight men’s commitments in favour of women on the socio-economic scene.

The annual Prize rewards the outstanding commitment of African men who promote and encourage women in the continent’s socio-economic landscape.

The award was handed to Badreddine Ouali, at the annual summit of Marrakech held last September 27-28, 2018. Three key criteria were taken into account for this award.  First for being an African man with leadership responsibilities in the public and the private sector, second being a man invested for parity and equality and last but not least being an influential man in his eco-system.

With twenty years of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, the success story of  Badreddine Ouali is a Tunisian pride.  Vermeg is today considered as one of the flagships of the Tunisian economy.
In 1994 Badreddine Ouali founded Vermeg, a software company for insurance and banking world, based in Tunis and initially created under the name of BFI. Today, the world leader in financial software, Vermeg has bet on Tunisian skills.

The customers of the Vermeg Company are pillars of the World economy such as the Banque de France, the British Central Bank, Crédit Agricole, Societe Generale and BNP Paribas.

Along with the success of Vermeg, Badreddine Ouali created the Tunisian Foundation for Development which strives to participate in the economic, political growth of Tunisian youth. It also leads solidarity actions for the disadvantages populations inside and outside Tunisia.

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