Tunisian joins American academy of best surgeons in the world

He is the 7th Tunisian to snatch a place in this prestigious academy since its creation in 1913


Tunisian Doctor Mohamed Abou El Kacem Bourguiba has joined the distinguished surgeons in the world after he has been selected on October 23, 2018, full member of the Committees of the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

Doctor Mohamed Abou El Kacem said that this nomination has crowned a long career marked by perseverance and hard work indicating that being an academic and spending several years in the department 21 of the Tunis-based Charles Nicolle hospital helped him acquire a deep experience in the surgical field.

He said he is the author of fifteen scientific research studies in globally recognized scientific magazines.

Speaking to media about this distinction, he said: “My election among the members of the American organization has been difficult”.

For a historical organization which dates back to 105 years, the criteria of the selection are very difficult requiring very high skills, he said, underlining that the access to this academy which gathers the highest skills in the world in surgery is not an easy task.

With more than 80,000 surgeon members in this academy, only less than 10 percent among them are not of American or Canadian nationality.

« It is an honor to be among this group of the elite”, he said specifying that since its “ creation, the organization selected only seven Tunisian doctors to join it. “ I am the seventh doctor to join this famous organization,”  he said proudly, adding that the Tunisian surgeons are flourished around the globe.

« I am proud to honor my country and this is not enough because I am trying to convince the ACS to create a branch in North Africa whose premises will be in Tunisia he said.





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