Statement of Tahya Tounes Association after Habib Bourguiba Avenue’s terrorist attack

After the last terrorist attack of Habib Bourguiba Avenue that aimed to undermine the security of Tunisia and its stability in an attempt to tarnish its image on the regional and international level, Tahya Tounes Association for the dissemination of democracy released a statement in which it strongly condemns all the attempts to undermine Tunisia’s security and shake its stability.

The Tahya Tounes Association also voiced its support to the efforts exerted by the security and military officers for the sake of Tunisia’s security and immunity.

In this statement, the Association calls on all the political spectra and civil society to back up the security and military officers and hail the historical efforts exerted for Tunisia and its people by providing the favourable conditions and bases.

The Tahya Tounes Association also calls for ending the tight political quarrels and endeavouring for the consolidation of a real unity of the country to put an end to the economic, political and social crisis and resume the ranks of the developed countries.


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