“Dôme Ezzine” in Sodga, Siliana, a dwelling that embraces nature

It was in Sodga, Siliana, on September 15, 2017, that the first ecological house was inaugurated.

After few months of training, preparation and building, the Siliana Adventurers Association for development opened the first ecological dome in the northwest developed as part of the project “Ecotourism factor of rural development” funded by the French Fund for World Environment, the MAVA foundation in collaboration with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Amine Ezzine a 35-year old Tunisian young man native of the region of Sodga, contributed to this project by all means available, because he believes in the potential of his region.

After his Graduation from the Institut supérieure des langues étrangères appliquées et informatique in Nabeul, he started working in agriculture helping his parents in the small family farm.

He is the kind of person that never let failure knock at his door. Instead, he made up his mind not to waste time and wait for the civil service hiring. 

In An earthly heaven like Sodga, Amine Ezzine worked very hard either as a farmer or as a guide for the Hiking lovers.

As a hiking guide, he has been able to attract visitors from Tunisia and the world through his friends in the social network or his adherence in the Siliana Adventurers Association.

The “Dome Ezzine” in reference to Amine Ezzine’s family name, is a natural shelter deep in the Siliana region as presented by the youth of the association and the beneficiaries of the project including the young enthusiastic Amine who incessantly voices his love to his region in particular and to Tunisia in general. 

The Association strives to create economic alternatives for the youth of the region through an eco-tourist circuit while involving sports activities specific to the region, Amine told TunisianMonitorOnline.  “It is a way to highlight and protect the natural and cultural heritage and an opportunity to improve the living conditions of the local people”, he said.

Amine Ezzine explained that the eco-dome Ezzine are inspired by old building techniques that give it a unique architectural character in such a manner as to provide exceptional eco-tourist circuits for the visitors coming from the other regions of Tunisia and from abroad.

This construction of the domes only needs natural, local and recyclable building materials while they preserve the environment, resist to fire and are affordable, he underlined, noting that it is characterized by thermal and acoustic insulation which means in summer, the climate inside the dome is cool, and warm in winter.

The Sodga dome construction lasted for about 2 months with an average of 4 volunteers for an area of 32 m2, and cost almost 10 thousand dinars, Amine said.

Dome Ezzine is a natural space for athletes, tourists, hikers, families, and especially to curious people and anyone longing for discovering the beautiful landscapes of the region, he further indicated.

The “Dôme Ezzine” project is a materialization of the great potential and real development capabilities of the region along with the potential of the young people of the region to create their own income sources and integrate into the development of the national economy, Amine Ezzine concluded highlighting that this project is a promotion of the region as a tourist and ecological destination.

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)

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