First edition of Sup’Com Junior Entreprise Meet-UP

Sup’Com Junior Enterprise organized on Saturday, November 17, 2018, in Sup’Com Tunis the first edition of the its Meet-UP with attendance of Sup’Com students and the participation of eminent figures and specialists in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) who introduced their expertise and spoke of their experiences.

“The IT in the eyes of entrepreneurs” was the theme of the gathering which provided the occasion for the future IT engineers to discover the entrepreneurial world.

The purpose of the Meet-UP is to shed light on the entrepreneurial world from the point of view of management and responsibility, to bolster the future IT engineers’ motivation and ability to manage their own startup and also a precious opportunity to support the future start uppers to take the lead in their startup ideas, set their goals and establish their strategies.

Opening the event, President of Sup’Com Junior Enterprise Abderraouf Ghrissi said that the Sup’Com Junior Enterprise is part of a world and national movement made up of 38 junior enterprises in various areas namely, engineering, design and ICTs and they are headed by the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises of Tunisia (JET).

Sup’Com Junior Enterprise was founded in 2013 and presents high-quality projects in areas of mobile, network and telecommunication and ICT, he said, indicating that more than 50 junior entrepreneurs, more than 15 projects delivered and more than 10 enterprises and startups trust us.

Abderraouf Ghrissi said that this movement really helped over 2, 500 Tunisian youths to discover the world of entrepreneurship.

In turn, Director of Sup’Com Sofiene Cherif highlighted the efforts exerted by Sup’Com Junior Enterprise and its activities.  He indicated that the event is an occasion for the students to meet the enterprises and the entrepreneurs and take up the challenges facing them. It is a way for the student to be close to the enterprises and the opportunities provided to the Sup’Com students.

CEO of B@ Labs (launched by BIAT) and former Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Noomane Fehri, took part in the SUPCOM Junior Entreprise Meet-UP.  He is known for being a reformer and a leader in the digital economy.

Taking the floor, NoomaneFehri said that humanity is at a moment of extreme evolution of its history. “We have never been at this point of rapid technological change, thanks to the technological evolution with the augmented vision and augmented reality” explaining that augmented reality is the culmination of machines helping us see an enhanced view of the world.

Mr. Noomane Fehri said that the augmented human is now the standard and information expanded with the use of the internet. “We are changing with a very high speed, he noted.

“The evolution is the number of innovation multiplied by the speed of growth. We evolve because there are always new innovations and greater evolutions are expected in the coming years” he indicated.

He underlined that this rapid evolution is something exceptional for those who are born with this evolution. It will be very fast which enable us to get into a new era, he explained.

Addressing the youth who are present in the Meet-UP, he talked about the value system, saying that in the new world, there are very complex things. The only compass is the value system that orient youth. He advised young people to keep their humanism while they are dealing with technological innovations because these innovations are mainly destined for humanity.

For his part, Mr Elyes Ben Rayana, who is an engineer from the French Polytechnic School and currently head of financing and investment in Tunisian BIAT Bank, defined entrepreneurship as taking risk to create and build a start up describing entrepreneurship as a state of mind.

Speaking to the students he said that they can establish entrepreneurship as of now while they are students highlighting the rapid technological evolution that can help them create their start ups (artificial intelligence, blockchain and so on…)

He said that the issue is not only technological, “we must not forget the human factor which is a fundamental element and having a technology is as important as being adapted to the market”.

He noted that a business model is how an entrepreneur creates, delivers, and captures value, in economic, social, cultural or other contexts. It is important to monetize this technology and create value according to the economic context, Elyes Ben Rayana concluded.

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)

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