Saharan tourist village in Tozeur to open in summer 2019 

The Saharan tourist village in Tozeur built by the Qatari Diar Company will open in summer o 2019.

This 5-star project resort includes 92 luxury suites with private pools and other amenities, a Roman theatre, thermal baths and a palm grove in the centre of the village.

The design of the project, inspired by the Tunisian architectural heritage and the Jerid region, will be carried out by Tunisian entrepreneurs in accordance with the agreements between Tunisia and Qatar.

250 skilled workers and Tunisian and foreign skills will work in the village. Priority will be given to candidates from the region.

An action plan has been established with central and regional authorities to make the village an attractive tourist destination, mainly by strengthening the traffic at Tozeur-Nefta international airport, according to the Qatari Diar company

The project will help open up to the European market during the winter season while working to attract tourists from the Gulf.

The company will also employ labour from other regions and abroad for certain technical specialities.



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