Hult Prize Bizerte Campuses to organize On-campus Event on December 8

The students and organizers of Hult Prize Bizerte Campuses will organize a hyper interesting and futuristic event called On-campus Event, on December 8 at the Faculty of Science Bizerte, which is the final quarter of this international competition, said Oumayma Hannachi, Vice-President and Marketing Coordinator at Hult Prize foundation in all the universities of Bizerte.

She explained that during the day of the competition several students will form teams and will present their universities and schools in Bizerte. They will apply their startup idea to meet the challenge announced by Bill Clinton in September 2018 which is: “Can you lay the foundations a company that will create 10,000 jobs for young people over the next decade?.”

This competition consists of 4 phases: the first is called the campus event, which will take place on December 8 at the Faculty of Science of Bizerte, Oumayma Hannachi indicated.

She added that the 2nd is called regionals, which takes place in March 2019 in 26 countries in the world and each winning team from each On-campus event chooses the regional they want among the 26 countries, Vice-President and Marketing Coordinator at Hult Prize Foundation of Bizerte universities went on saying.

She recalled that the third competition is called Accelerator which takes place in July and August 2019 in Ashridge Castle in England which will contain 50 teams: 26 winning teams in regional, and 24 others who have not won but who have applied to reach the accelerator among one thousand applications.

Besides, the 4th stage takes place in September 2019 in New York in the United Nations Headquarters where 6 winning teams of the accelerator, will apply their startup ideas to the CEO of Hult Prize and Bill Clinton the 42nd President of the United States, to win the $ 1 million.

Hult Prize is the world’s largest competition for students for the launch of for-good, for-profit startups with a $ 1 million financing. The Hult Prize Foundation has been named a “Nobel Prize for Students” and featured in a cover story of TIME Magazine highlighting the “5 Best Ideas That Change the World”, Oumayma Hannachi concluded.



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