“Doing business”: WB makes available to Tunisia human and financial resources to improve its ranking

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank (WB) Group, provides Tunisia with all the necessary financial and human resources to help it ranks 50th globally and third in the Arab World and Africa in the 2020 Doing Business report, said its Resident Representative in Tunisia, Georges Joseph Ghorra.

The institution will form work teams to determine the indicators related to this report that Tunisia could easily develop and improve, he added at a conference in Tunis for the presentation of the work strategy agreed to improve Tunisia’s ranking in Doing Business, He said.

He reiterated the WB’s willingness to co-operate with the Tunisian government to help it achieve its employment and liquidity targets to attract local and foreign investment, highlighting the need to accelerate some of the licensing procedures relating to construction permits, one-stop shopping, taxation and the protection of minority investors.

Tunisia ranks 80th in this report, i.e. 5th in the Arab world and Africa in 2019 compared to 88th in 2018 gaining 8 points, TAP reports

The Doing Business report is published periodically by the World Bank to “evaluate the regulation of business in the world”, according to TAP.



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