Project of “Citizenship for Environmental Governance in Gabes (CIGEN)” presented

The  “Gabès Action” Association held  Monday, a workshop on the project “Citizenship for an environmental governance in Gabes (CIGEN)”,  with the representatives of the companies, the local authorities and the public administrations of Gabès.

This project gave birth to 17 environmental micro-projects in four delegations: Ghannouch, Gabes-Ouest, Gabès-ville and Gabès-Sud and a “water governance” platform was set up as part of this project so as to develop water management policies and ensuring better use of water resources in the region.

A grant of some 1 MD was allocated for the achievement of this project, launched in 2016 and which is part of the “Support project for the local environmental governance of industrial activity in Gabès (EMP-Gabes)”.

Financed by the European Union for € 5 million and implemented by Expertise France, the PGE-Gabès project brings together all the actors of environment and development in Gabes: ministries, local administrations, companies, universities, but also the citizens of the region through several community initiatives and local projects.

The project aimed to contribute to the reduction of coastal and marine pollution in Gabès region, to seek solutions to the problem of industrial pollution in the industrial zone of Gabès and to establish a dynamic of local environmental governance.


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