Tunisians still fear January

On the new year’s eve, eyes are turning towards the coming month of January which remains the month that Tunisian people fear. For decades it has represented to them a nightmare after they experienced painful and devastating events with the exacerbated tensions between various rivals.

Successive governments and trade unions were unfortunately behind the previous black crises. Tunisian history retains the horror of these crises and their negative impacts on social peace, after the two sides failed to hold constructive discussions, to avoid resorting to force and growing of violence.

Some generations have experienced tremendous and sorrowful stories that negatively affected their life, while they wished to live in a more equal and less corrupt country with a prosperous economy.

Tunisian people still fear this month, especially in this hard time  Tunisia is going through, as there is no deep and serious political solutions to address many delicate issues like the escalation of violence, unemployment and other urgent social demands.

The erupting of demonstrations with many aspects of violence at night, in some regions since a couple of weeks, unfortunately followed by tremendous damages, require that all stakeholders and policymakers do their utmost to address delicate and urgent topics which contribute to fuel the crisis.

The current situation is more serious and if it lasts, the country may fall into chaos and damages will be harder to repair.

 All parties, civil society, public figures and others stakeholders must act positively, share burdens, pledge to help build trust and exert efforts in order to reach new opportunities of hope to youth and to spare the country division and rivalry.

We must move forward to achieve our coexistence, stability as well as find solutions to the suffocating economic crisis. The country which is facing many challenges and dangers has been significantly weakened. Wherefore, there is no room to negligence, reckless or boring and destructive discounts.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Ben Rhouma)

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