Freedom but not dignity after 8 years of revolution, Tunisia is still holding firm

The revolution staged eight years ago to oust dictatorship has managed to restore freedom but not dignity.

While Tunisia has been praised as a model of democratic transition, wealth and control of the economy remain concentrated in the hands of a small elite despite economic growth.

The revolution’s slogan was “work, dignity and freedom” but the first two were not achieved, unfortunately.

We believe that many Tunisians have fallen into disproportionate freedom and that priority must first be given to socio-economic reforms and security, for a better quality of life, however, we are convinced that freedom of expression is the solid foundation on which everything is built.

Tunisia is facing an unprecedented economic, political and social crisis. However, the solutions proposed by the government to deal with the crisis are not sufficient to remedy the situation.

The government had opted for a policy of debt and tax increases and targeted employees and productive national companies. So this situation has led to the proliferation of the informal economy, tax evasion, corruption, smuggling and uncontrolled imports.

It is also the same for the successive governments that have failed and have not been able to satisfy citizens’ demands in such a way as to provoke social movements and popular anger that have grown in response to the measures contained in the 2019 finance law.

But there is a real cause for hope in Tunisia. Beyond the political and economic stagnation, progress is being made. Last year, a law was passed for criminalising violence against women. In October, all forms of racial discrimination were outlawed, and a bill is currently underway equalizing inheritance for genders.

Tunisia is still holding firm…

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)

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