Aya Sinan’s success story and artistic jewelry design inspired from Tunisian heritage

  • One of the secrets of success is to follow your dream to the end
  • Aya Sinan An example of a persevering girl made accessories and dreams of global fame

As one of the leading names in the jewelry industry, she began her passion for the art of jewelry since childhood and trained in jewelry design and manual execution. In our conversation with Aya Sinan we reviewed profiles of her success story and her career in the art of jewelry making and how she managed to get out of the traditional and fashionable to move with her designs and pieces of art ideas and stories that made her name resonate and distinctive impact in the jewelry industry.

-Tell us About yourself .. Your Name .. Your study .. Your age ?

i m Aya Sinan , I’am 28 years old .

In 2014 I had my degree in computer science so I became a web developer.

-Tell us about the beginning of your passion and interest in the jewelry world. Was it difficult to present your art pieces and the unconventional concepts and designs of theTunisian markets?

My interest in accessories started from a young age. I was rearranging the pieces of accessories in my own way. Then I started dreaming that I would specialize in the accessories industry and my own shop with my name was opened.

-Is there any intersection between your scientific studies and your passion for the jewelry industry?

There is no intersection .. I chose to study for certificate that would make my family happy… But I was determined to later specialize in the manufacture of microscopes. I found it very difficult after graduation.

The bank refused to give me any loans to open my own project ,”We do not give any funding except projects that emulate scientific degrees,” they said.

-And what did you do then?

I am not desperate .. It was a motivation for me to learn. Indeed, I learned the art of engraving from Tunisian craftsman Shahabuddin ibn Jaballah …and later I received a career certificate… and I gave up the idea of the loan… and started buying materials and making my own accessories.

-What are the materials you use in the jewelry industry?

I use  the hammer and  Hand Saw and other things.

-What is the name of your favorite jewelry designer?

I do not have a jewelry designer or brand to follow But I like Sarah Fahmy’s designs.  There is a convergence of style.

-What is your advice to women to shine with jewelry when they buy it?

I advise every woman to choose handmade accessories

Because each piece is considered unique, each piece expresses the taste of a woman and gives a touch of beauty to its outward appearance.

-Where do you draw inspiration from your designs?

My designs’ inspirations are from Tunisian heritage … Tunisian heritage is rich in many designs and beauty

-Describe your brand with a few words?

About Handmade jewelry creations made by my own hands and a good dose of imagination! Every jewel is unique!  Let your imagination go to create the custom #jewelry. With #Youtz your dream jewels come to life.

-Where can we find your designs?

in instagram : Youtz By Aya


And my facebook :  Youtz By Aya


-If you have the opportunity to design for a known character  Who is your choice?

Tunisian actresses: Dorra Zarrouk, Rym ben Masoud et Mariem ben hassine.

-What are your future plans?

I dream that my accessories will reach the  world.

-What do you recommend to your generation?

I tell them not to be desperate and follow their dream to the end.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Essaafi)

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