IN: TIME Solutions, young startup that shines in Tunisian entrepreneurial landscape

IN: TIME Solutions Tunisia is one of the young startups that shine in the Tunisian entrepreneurial landscape. Launched in 2013 by Issam Zlitni, the company did not wait for the new law to access important markets, expand and shine outside our borders, while being established in Tunisia and relying on local know-how and skills.

IN:TIME Solutions, as its name suggests, advises companies and provides software solutions in business processes and operations, its objective is to enable its partners to achieve zero marginal cost by providing them with the latest approach in management, operational techniques and automation technology.

IN:TIME Solutions integrates business process automation and artificial intelligence with IoT products and Big Data management to provide its partners with intelligent solutions for value chain optimization and supply chain automation.

In its 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Global Development (GEDI), a research organization working to disseminate knowledge on the relationship between entrepreneurship, economic development and prosperity, confirmed the extent of Tunisia’s potential.

Tunisia, a small country full of talent, is the first country in Africa, 6th in the MENA region and 40th worldwide. Innovation is one of the strengths of this young entrepreneurial ecosystem that shines thanks to skilled skills and human resources.

 IN:TIME Solutions Tunisia has taken advantage of this human capital, its mastery of new technologies and its innovative strength to become one of the best Tunisian start-ups and to meet the demands of one of the most demanding markets.

IN: TIME Solutions Tunisia started its activity with only 4 employees and currently has about thirty employees and with the expansion of its scope of activity, this number is expected to increase rapidly.

Instead of turning to Europe and France in particular, the ambitious Startup has established itself in the Saudi market with its expertise, adaptability and flagship products such as “Al Muhamee” which is currently the most downloaded application among Saudi lawyers, the “Lynx” application for real estate and of course the “InTime” platform which aims to automate operations (HR, financial and administrative) with a generic and flexible format guaranteeing maximum efficiency and profitability.

Behind IN:TIME Solutions’ futuristic vision is Issam Zlitni, its founder who has an entrepreneurial spirit in DNA, which has pushed him to transform all the challenges and obstacles encountered during his career into a driving force that always pushes him forward.

Issam obtained a D.U.T. in software engineering at INSAT, immediately after he was forced to interrupt his studies despite an excellent university curriculum, instead of slowing him down this event only reinforced his ambition and led him to multiply the successful experiences in Tunisia for Saudi Arabia, where he founded IN:TIME Solutions in Jeddah and subsequently implemented it in Tunisia, in 2013. This resilient, visionary and passionate entrepreneur has many projects for the future, driven by a strong sense of duty to his country and armed with extensive experience in information technology.

This forward-looking vision that Issam instilled in his company marked the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between IN:TIME Solutions Tunisia and Machinestalk, a collaboration whose dazzling success led the two companies to merge in 2018.

Machinestalk, one of the subsidiaries of NOMD, is a leading company in the Middle East for IoT solutions. Active for 13 years in the field of telematics, Machinestalk offers its customers various advanced solutions while providing them with the essential information to conduct efficient operations, optimize productivity and enhance scalability. The company has four main offices and enjoys the trust of more than 2,000 public and private entities in Saudi Arabia.

Machinestalk’s ecosystem has distinguished itself in a fragmented, highly competitive and constantly evolving market by leveraging a large network of collaborators and partners, such as software vendors, programmers, technical support and customer service to provide unique and customized IoT solutions.

Speaking of this merger Issam Zltini said he was “infinitely proud of the birth of Machinestalk Tunisia.” He added that “The acquisition of IN:TIME Solutions by an IoT giant in the Middle East will enable Tunisia to move from a simple consumer of new technologies to one of the most ambitious and attractive innovation centres for the Gulf markets.

The integration of the Tunisian Startup into Machinestalk will create an entity rich in synergies and will allow Tunisian skills to increase their assets and access the world market and not only the European market. This will be followed by a massive recruitment wave of several profiles including web developers, Big Data engineers, Java engineers etc.

Full of opportunities await the young Tunisian geeks with Machinestalk Tunisia which will be behind the genesis of successful future entrepreneurs.

TunisianMonitorOnline – Neji Med (Tekiano)

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