Snow is luxury for the rich and pain in hearts for the poor

When the snow falls in its peaceful white color, we humans do not have the same effect, and we are not moved the same way through feelings. For some, it is a salt spray on their congested wounds, and for others it is a carpet of dreams, creativity and brilliance.

When winter comes, everyone welcome it in his way and from the point of view of his reality, while it means a heavy burden in the awareness of the ones who know that it is only the skin suffering in the open under the snow that prevent their sense of warmth and exhaust their nerves while dancing at the rhythm of skepticism of their teeth and rubbing their hands in search of something that means warmth in the absence of heating resources. However, others are looking forward to enjoy fun and the arts of winter tourism and holidays.

The snowy face the north overlooks the people of the north-west mainly in their meager homes. For those living in the open, snow is a collective punishment that many of them cannot endure.

In recent years, we have witnessed the death of some children after blood has frozen in their veins. This makes them see in this white carpet a source of tension and fear of what is coming.

The snowfall and its coverage of the prospects of these people mean only cold, frozen parts of the body, disruption of roads, lack of heating, and the need and appeals that some are met and others are folded in the waiting files.

But snow is greeted by some others who are expecting its fall to enjoy its celebration, and the snow man is a welcomed guest to all those who can prepare for the winter with its own special warm, through playing and enjoying the fun of the cold weather.

Snow is a heavy burden for some and an annual entertainment holiday for others, even though winter and snow are the same, but the eyes that expects and wait for it inevitably realize that its impact would not be the same at all.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Written by Dhouha Essaafi)

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