Chouaieb Nemri’s success story, a pride for Tunisian Youth

-Success is not measured by position as much as it is measured by the difficulties overcome by man. -It is not easy to get rid of what is imposed on you by fate … to have your body locked in a chair but your soul wants to fly … And because he believes in his ability to fly, he actually did it in the sky of success … -He was able to register his name among the geniuses of the world … We can learn from the inspirational story of…

Dismissal for Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

A dismissal for businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and owner of Al Janoubia TV in the case brought against him by artist Farhat Jouini, according to the verdict pronounced by the Tunis Court of Appeal. The Criminal Division of the Court of First Instance sentenced Mr Ajroudi in July 2018 to one year in prison for falsifying a rental contract for the benefit of the TV channel. TunisianMonitorOnline