Who is the president that Tunisia needs?

As the presidential election in Tunisia is approaching late this year, we wonder about many questions:

Who is the president that Tunisia needs today in the face of growing crises such as economic instability, educational uncertainty and decline in public services?

Which programme will persuade the Tunisian voter to elect this particular candidate and the other? And what promises can be convincing?

Tunisians today are living in a state of frustration that makes them desperate, and avoid and even hate talking about politics.

Democracy for them does not mean anything as it is practiced by politicians. It is their last concern, they rather seek to live at the lowest cost on the daily basis.

The Tunisian citizen no longer dreams of well-being and comfort, his only dream is that he spend his day without costly illness, without sudden hunger and without a heavy debt. So who will he choose?

Are politicians aware today of the Tunisian citizens’ need on which their electoral promises will be built?

Who has the audacity today to take responsibility for a people who have lost confidence in politicians in general and who rejoice about the large number of parties and the arbitrary promises of the politicians and the repeated crises in addition to the weakness of the state in solving the simplest problems confronted on daily basis; the burning crisis for months is between the Education Union and the Ministry of Education?

Tunisia needs a president in the size of a head of state who take up the challenges as a warrior. A head of state who tells us in the annual review of achievements as Chinese President Xi Jinping told his people: “This year, the fight to eradicate poverty has brought a lot of good news for 10 million rural poor people and the price of 17 cancer drugs has been reduced and included in the list of basic health insurance, and further progress has been made in addressing disease-induced poverty. “.

We need a president who also tells us, as the Chinese president said, “We launched the lunar probe (Chang’e-4).  And we conducted a naval test on an aircraft carrier and completed the first takeoff of a large amphibious aircraft.”

“We need a president who really reveals reality, makes us assume our responsibilities and unites the people’s voice and loyalty,” as the Russian president said to his people. “No one will help us, so we have to form a strong team so that friendship and hopes helps us in the achievement of our goals. “

“We need a president who gives hope to our people, as said German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Germans have built their renaissance by themselves from the ruins of war saying that the German people are loyal, and loyalty means proficiency at work.

We need a president who is aware of the successful experience of the states that experienced a recent economic leap and try to make the most of the success stories of these countries as experienced for example by Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Chile and South Africa as they recorded a rapid qualitative leap. The key to the success of these countries was investment in education. These countries have an education strategy based on three basic principles: adult literacy, an emphasis on technical and technical education and an increase in the budget allocated to education.

What Tunisia really needs is a president who loves the country and be on the level of the promises he will make during his election campaign, and pledges to put them into practice on the ground, or at least explain the reasons for not respecting them because this is a contract between the voter and the candidate, the president who does not meet the promise will not succeed in leadership.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Essaafi)

Douha Essaafi

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