Council of Economic Analysis proposes recovery plan, pact for economic competitiveness

A pact for economic competitiveness and social equity, an economic recovery plan, including a Dinar plan, a new social contract and an economic dialogue are the main proposals put forward by the Council of Economic Analysis (French: CAE) to get out of the difficult economic situation in the country.

The Council, chaired by former Minister Afif Chelbi, suggests a recovery plan, including several measures, particularly a Dinar plan consisting of a series of resolute actions to recover the value of the national currency, support measures for the productive sectors (interest-rate subsidies on loans for SMEs, physical tax relief for investors) and sectoral measures, TAP reports.

There are also proposals for “a new social contract that concerns, in particular, multi-year visibility on wage developments and on the establishment of a social protection floor integrating four guarantees namely: schooling, unemployment, old age and disease”, according to a statement released by the Council on Monday.

The Council, under the Prime Ministry, also calls for “a national economic dialogue, leading to the development of a pact for economic competitiveness and social equity, to be established between the public authorities and the social partners to institute the mutual commitments of the state and all stakeholders”.

For the CAE, the proposed approach “is part of the idea that an exceptional situation requires an exceptional economic policy which breaks with the usual methods of designing and conducting reforms”.

It has previously noted a fragile growth recovery “mainly driven by the agricultural and tourism sectors while the main productive sectors (industry, energy, phosphates) are experiencing a virtual stagnation in both growth and ‘exports expressed in euro’, according to the same source.

It cited an unprecedented level of the trade deficit at 19 billion dinars and a sharp depreciation of the dinar value.


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