Pinna Association organizes Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine Retreat at Nouail Oasis

The Pinna Association for the Development and Promotion of Ecotourism is organizing a Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine Retreat at the Nouail Oasis from February 12 to 17 in the presence of Indian Yoga Coach Dayaram Sharma, health and well-being professionals, nutritionist and osteopath.

The event which is considered as a first in Tunisia aimed at promoting alternative tourism destination and wellness tourism during which participants will have an introduction to Ayurveda and Yoga from its origins in India.

This event is supported by the region’s tourism professionals with the presence of the Kebili Regional Tourism Commissioner.

The camping in the Tunisian oasis is an occasion to experience the perfect vacation through deep relaxation and Ayurvedic healing treatments, combined with yoga and meditation guided by Dayaram Sharma and Chokri Mansour Head of Pinna Association,  in addition to a variety of delightful Indian cultural experiences in Tunisia’s finest desert camp resort located in the oasis of Nouail.

The event features excellent therapists, and exceptionally good food, Ayurvedically prepared. The facilities are authentic well maintained, and the setting is an amazing oasis.

It is also a special opportunity to stay in an authentic Sahara camp, with the peace soothing you day and night along with short walk that brings you to a broad, peaceful, uncrowded oasis.

The camp lovers will have a precious time to deeply and profoundly relax their bodies, mind, and soul in many enjoyable ways.

The desert camp has a calm, sweet, rejuvenating atmosphere vastly different from tourist destinations which is the ideal location for yoga and meditation resort.

The desert camp of Nouail is a perfect facility for an exceptional experience located between the city of Douz and Zaafrane, with a calm, sweet and rejuvenating atmosphere and broadly different from any tourist destinations.


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