Government, UGTT agree wage hike for civil servants

The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Administrative Committee agreed Thursday with the government on all the proposals agreed regarding civil service wage increases, TAP reports.

Earlier, UGTT Secretary-General Nourredine Taboubi said, as the Administrative Committe works got underway, an agreement would be signed Thursday at 5 pm in Kasbah if proposals are endorsed, the same source said.

The labour union “will seek to get a specific wage hike for public sector doctors, university professors and public sector engineers at a new round of negotiations with the government, so as to improve the living standards of these categories which are the backbone of the country,” he indicated.

The UGTT Executive Bureau sealed a wage hike agreement for secondary education teachers. This crisis is one of the toughest witnessed by the country but a way out is always possible through dialogue, he highlighted.


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