When TV drama contributes to glorifying the homeland

Today I read a story on furniture exports in Turkey which reached $ 3 billion in 2018, and that furniture manufacturers are aiming to increase sales through local TV shows in 156 countries, followed by more than 500 million people around the world.

Turkish dramas have not only enhanced the tourism field but also extended its benefits to reach the furniture manufacturers.

Turkish drama has become a major contributor to the economy of this country.

Turkey ranks second after the United States in the world’s TV series, with revenues from Turkish series exports exceeding $ 350 million in 2017.

The Turkish have successfully managed investing in art and using it creativity to become today the most attractive tourist attraction.

This story made me wonder about the strategic visionary plan developed by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture in order to benefit from this information available to all.

 Is there a guide helping the Tunisian film director to benefit from the dazzling nature that God gave to Tunisia from the forests of Ain Dharam through the beauty of the cities of Kessra, to the southern cities that played an orphan role in the past to be a huge studio to the American film “Star Wars”?

Has Tunisia been able to use its resources to market its image around the world, as did the Turkish in the city of Istanbul, which became the first tourist destination in the Arab world?

Turkey has been able to invest in the simplest things to support its national economy, but not in an arbitrary way, it draws strategic plans and forward-looking visions that enabled it to jump over the past ten years to the ranks of countries with an economic development boom.

We as Arabs remain a mere importer with a new idea that only strengthens our rely on others, while they make the glory and give it a name.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Essaafi)

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