Government and teachers ink deal to end crisis

The Tunisian teachers’ union reached a deal with the Education Ministry on Saturday to end a crisis during which schools have been disrupted across the country for months.

“Under the deal, the teachers will end their strike and return to work to make the school year a success,” a union member said.

The agreement was made possible by the efforts of UGTT and Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, UGTT Secretary-General Noureddine Tabboubi told media.

It was agreed to rectify four points, including the one relating to retirement at age 57 and to broaden the scope of the diseases eligible for early retirement, through a joint committee between the Ministry of Education and the General Union of Secondary Education.

The second point that has been rectified concerns the approval of a new bonus for principals and directors of secondary schools, while the third point relates to the integration of specific bonus in the fixed salary, and this, from the year 2021.

The fourth point concerns the approval of a 20% increase in the budget of middle and high schools.

The approved proposals also concern the integration of the specific bonus into the basic salary, starting in the year 2021 and the approval of a 20% increase in the budgets of middle and high schools.


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