PINNA association holds first Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Nouail oasis, Douz

The Pinna association for the development and promotion of ecotourism organised its first Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in the Nouail oasis in Douz from February 12 to 17.

The programme is organized in partnership with the Embassy of India at the initiative of the Zaied Travel Agency Tunisia.

The Yoga sessions were conducted by the Indian Yoga expert DAYARAM SHARMA and the programme brought together about twenty Tunisian and foreign participants including an American, a Colombian and a French national.

The programme also included a 100 % vegetarian and ayruvedic diet based on local products from the southern region of Tunisia with some Indian recipes prepared by the locals as well as the association’s team and members who are active in the cultural programmes organized by the Indian embassy.

Health professionals from public and private health institutions including osteopaths, naturopaths and physiotherapists provided wellness and massage sessions in the heart of the Sahara with natural oils carefully prepared by our naturopath.

It is a first experience in Tunisia that aimed at developing an experienced and quality niche tourism product in order to raise awareness among local stakeholders on sustainability issues and healthy lifestyles, PINNA Association President Chokri Mansour told TunisianMonitorOnline.

In turn, Ali Ben Zaied CEO of ZAIED TRAVEL TUNISIA Agency said that the camp was held as part of a public-private partnership between the association, the local ZAIED TRAVEL TUNISIA Agency and the public health institutions (Ostéo and physiotherapy at Charles Nicole Hospital).

The event is a first in Tunisia and for the Tunisians since it is held for making a Yoga camp in the nature of the Tunisian southern desert which gives the natural landscape a freshness of the winter breeze that heals the body and the soul, Ali Ben Zaied said.

Besides, the accommodation provided was purely inspired from handicrafts, and the food served is healthy and traditional that bears the organic taste of nature from the local product of the desert since we are specialist in desert tourism, he indicated.

Ali Ben Zaied said that we are planning other events with PINNA association in the south and in other regions of Tunisia namely the Djerba Island and the Kerkenah island.

The association organises Yoga campsites in the heart of nature for more than two years, but this project is considered unique given the partnership and the innovative programme of ZAIED TRAVEL TUNISIA Agency and green tourism.

Ostheopath and Director of the Research and Training Group in Physiotherapy in Tunisia Chedli Riahi indicated that his participation was very fruitful. He said he was invited by the PINNA association to share his know-how in Physiotherapy and Ostheopathy which is a different technical concept that tends to correct any muscular, articular or vertebral defaults after checking the patients needing this treatment.

He commended this experience in the PINNA retreat in Nouail oasis in Douz saying that it is a unique experience in this magical environment.

This experience of Ostheopathy treatment was very welcomed by the participants in the camps who were very fascinated and excited by this new massage technique, he noted.

Dayaram Yoga expert and teacher of Indian culture in the Embassy of India in Tunis said that the Indian traditional yoga reached the Sahara desert for the first time in Tunisia.

Earlier the embassy of India conducted yoga sessions close to sea areas like Tabarka, Haouaria, Korba but this time the experience in Douz was very different.

The participants and local people knew about Indian culture like yoga, ayurveda, Indian food, Indian songs. It was a great experience with PINNA Association and Zaied Travel Agency.

TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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