EU project to renovate Carthage Museum

The museum, situated on the Byrsa hill in Carthage, is one of the country’s most important museums after the Bardo.

The European Union will contribute to a modernisation project at the Carthage National Museum as part of the programme “Tunisie Notre Destination”, which aims to diversify Tunisia’s tourist offerings, said Valdimir Rojanski, member of the EU Cooperation delegation in Tunisia.

Rojanski said restoration work on the museum is set to start in April.

The goal of the EU programme is to make Tunisia a destination for cultural and ecological tourism, as opposed to the classic Tunisian tourism model based on beach resorts, low-cost fares, and all-inclusive packages, ANSAmed reports.

“The wealth of heritage in Tunisia must be promoted in order to improve the economic impact of tourism,” Rojanski said.

The EU programme will also finance the craftsmanship and design sectors, with a nine-million-euro contribution across five years towards companies and products with a strong potential for economic development aimed at increasing exports, the same source said.


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