Seven new innovative startups selected by Flat6labs Tunis to support them in launching their projects

Seven innovative start-ups were selected by the startup program “Flat6labs Tunis”, during the 3rd edition of its “Demo Day” held on March 13, 2019, at the Acropolium of Carthage, to benefit from the support of the programme in launching their projects, TAP reports.

Flat6labs Tunis will also promote these startups to Tunisian and foreign investors and bank representatives.

The winning startups operate in various sectors of activity including AgriTech, gaming, e-commerce, Digital Media, software development, recruitment and robotics. These are Boostiny (advertising platform), E-Robot (IT automation startup), Fabskill (Cloud solution to automate the recruitment process), Grabingo (digital customer loyalty platform).

Other winning startups include MooMe (a system and platform designed to help farmers improve the fertility and health of their livestock), Seemba (a solution to help mobile game developers) and TIRA Robots (creating industrial robots for industry 4.0).

Launched in 2016, between the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF), Meninx Holding and BIAT, Flat6Labs Tunis is a startup start-up programme aimed at promoting the growth of Tunisian start-ups by offering them a start-up fund, a workspace in the capital, a personalised support programme, the same source indicated.

The programme also provides start-ups with a 6-month framework to facilitate the launch of projects and their integration into the local economic circuit, as well as their international expansion.

The marketing director of the programme Walid Triki told TAP that “Flat6Labs has supported, since its launch, 20 innovative start-ups in the governorates of Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Monastir, Béja and El Kef, which has created 100 highly qualified jobs”.

“We aim to finance 90 innovative start-ups over the next 5 years at a total cost of 30 million dinars,” he added.

Among the startups that have shone through with the originality of their projects, the MooMe startup is a platform dedicated to supporting livestock breeders in developing countries, through the tracking of data from dairy cows through an intelligent collar (whose cost is 15 D per cow per month).

This analysis provides farmers with key information, such as the adequate time to inseminate cows or their health status.

One of MooMe’s founders, Mohamed Kallel, pointed out that “the high precision offered by this platform, in identifying the appropriate time for insemination of cows, which generally does not exceed 30 hours, avoids the risk of the farmer missing the opportunity to inseminate his cows”.

Innovation and originality have also marked the idea of the Startup Fabskill, which uses artificial intelligence to offer a unique online recruitment solution. It allows you to search, monitor, evaluate and select talent quickly and transparently.

Fabskill relies on natural language processing and automated video-based candidate screening to optimise the recruitment process.


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