Piero FASSINO welcomes Tunisia’s request for Partner for Local Democracy status

Piero FASSINO, Congress Spokesperson on the South Mediterranean Partnership, commended Monday the decision of the Tunisian government and the Federation of Tunisian Cities to submit an application for the status of Partner for Local Democracy with the Congress, The Council of Europe Website reported. “This is an important decision as the Partnership represents a real tool for co-operation which will bring local institutions closer to citizens and strengthen the fabric of Tunisia’s democracy,” said the Congress spokesperson. “The partnership with Tunisia – as well as the partnership with Morocco signed…

Tunisia, U.S. sign deal on tax compliance

Tunisia and the United States signed on Monday an agreement to improve international tax compliance and mutual cooperation in the field of taxation, TAP reported. The agreement was signed by Minister of Finance Ridha Chalghoum and U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia Donald Blome in Tunis. The agreement focuses on the application of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which regulates reciprocity in information exchange and ensuring its transparency. The Tunisian minister said the agreement aims at consolidating the international transparency to combat tax evasion and closely watch money transfers. TunisianMonitorOnline