Saturday , January 20 2018
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The real impact of Google’s RankBrain on search traffic

The rise and advances of new automation and artificial intelligence software algorithms, including those that learn predictive models from historical data, are making increasingly consequential predictive decisions. Such decisions are having an impact on the lives of people in domains as diverse as digital media, advertising,finance, credit, employment, education and ...

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Macron is bad news for Britain’s borders

The Treaty of Le Touquet gives the French president major leverage in Brexit talks. French President Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France was greeted across Europe with an audible sigh of relief, and now many across the Continent are watching eagerly to see if he can carry out the reforms he promised on ...

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Coral smuggling degrades environment, economy

Due to their brilliant composition, design, and strategic locations, coral reefs serve superbly as natural shock absorbers from the relentless force of the sea. By absorbing energy from gentle or powerful waves, coral reefs protect beaches from erosion, preventing water from easily cutting into mounds of sand that lay far ...

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Scholarships Prepare New Leaders in Tunisia

The success of Tunisia’s new constitutional democracy depends on the involvement of young people. In 2016, 38 percent of the Tunisian population was under the age of 25. But young people have not yet begun to take an active part in their country’s development in this new era. How can ...

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