Sunday , February 25 2018
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COP 22: Tunisia takes action to combat climate change

Despite political and economic changes since January 2011, Tunisia placed emphasis on challenges of climate change by the ratification last October of the Paris Agreement. The Tunisian approach for the fight against climate change lays in the Tunisian conviction of the need to achieve sustainable development on the basis of ...

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Tunisian Oases: toward bolstering jobs and biodiversity

The Tunisian oases offer a healthy and ecological system where the tree produces an extremely delicious fruit and of great value. These oases are localized in the governorates of Tozeur, Kebili, Gabes and Gafsa. According to their geographical location and bioclimatic, one distinguishes the continental oases from Djerid (Tozeur and ...

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US Elections: the lesson we learn

Even the most optimistic of Trump supporters might not strongly believe that his candidate would make it and win the presidential elections in America. The Republican candidate was under attack from all sides, even ex-Republican president George Bush the son who voted for Hilary Clinton. Not only was he attacked ...

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The complex history and the coming U.S. president

The embarrassing and disappointing American presidential marathon is nearly over. But regardless the vast amount of scandals and racist statements, the overwhelming majority of Tunisian people, in particular, the elite wish that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America for many reasons. Maybe we ...

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Morocco struggles: Mouhcine Fikri the Victimized

Mouhcine Fikri, 31, a Moroccan graduated man has been brutally killed after the police confiscated his fish merchandise. Being jobless, Fikri resorted to borrowing and he managed to start a small business. According to some witnesses, the police officers called the rubbish truck to damage Fikri’s fish accusing him of ...

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Romania and Morocco have most expats in EU prisons

(Euobserver) Romania is the European country with the highest number of its expats in prison in the EU, while the nation with the highest number of prisoners is Morocco. An international team of journalists has collected data from 25 countries to reveal these statistics for every EU country except Croatia, Malta and ...

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