Saturday , January 20 2018
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Nostalgia for the present in Tunis’s belle-époque downtown

Dusty light filters through dirt-smeared windows in a hammam apparently frozen in time. Upstairs are the apartments of the family who owned it, redolent in faded, turn-of-the-century drapings. Carved, wooden, art nouveau doors open up onto rooms knee-deep in discarded items, some of them treasures: elaborately handwritten 19thcentury manuscripts containing ...

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How Meaningful Breaks Can Help You Get More Done  Fun should be a top priority. It shouldn’t be relegated to the bottom drawer, the one you open only when all the real work is done. It’s not a distraction or a diversion. That’s what Dave Crenshaw teaches in his new book, The ...

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Migrant deaths far higher than reported – IOM

The International Organisation for Migration, IOM, said on Monday the real number of migrant deaths were far higher than the numbers reported. The UN Migration Agency in a new report on migrant deaths and disappearances worldwide through its Berlin-based Global Migration Data Analysis Centre said many migrant deaths were never ...

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A new hope for women empowerment in Africa

August 2017 marks a new journey towards women empowerment in Africa. From The Women Advancing Africa Forum in Tanzania, to the Women Empowerment Collaboration in South Africa, the continent shows strong signs of social reconstruction. Every year, people from different African nations gather on May 25th to celebrate Africa Day ...

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