Saturday , January 20 2018
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Tunisian Oases: toward bolstering jobs and biodiversity

The Tunisian oases offer a healthy and ecological system where the tree produces an extremely delicious fruit and of great value. These oases are localized in the governorates of Tozeur, Kebili, Gabes and Gafsa. According to their geographical location and bioclimatic, one distinguishes the continental oases from Djerid (Tozeur and ...

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IMF Staff Team concludes mission to Tunisia

The mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Tunisia, headed by Björn Rother, from October 28 to November 10, 2016, ended on Thursday. Björn Rother said in a statement that “the mission held constructive discussions with the Tunisian authorities on the policies needed to complete the first review under ...

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More Mediterranean flights and new Tunisia hotels

A boost for Tunisia, more Mediterranean flights, a tour operator comeback and a delayed brand launch are in the news on the German market this week. TUI (the world’s number one tourism business) has boosted Tunisia’s hopes of making a recovery next year. German visitor numbers to the North African ...

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US Elections: the lesson we learn

Even the most optimistic of Trump supporters might not strongly believe that his candidate would make it and win the presidential elections in America. The Republican candidate was under attack from all sides, even ex-Republican president George Bush the son who voted for Hilary Clinton. Not only was he attacked ...

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Visit of Youssef Chahed to France for seeking economic boost

(Tunisian Monitor OnLine) – “The visit of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has an economic and political dimension. Chahed will seek more consistent support from France, Tunisia’s 1st partner. The visit is strategic insofar as it takes place at a moment in which Tunisia faces difficult economic and social challenges. Youssef Chahed ...

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