20th edition of SUP’COM 2019 Forum on theme “Fintech: A disruptive innovation” on November 6

The Tunis Higher School of Communications is organizing the 20th edition of the SUP’COM forum on November 6, 2019 in its premises at the El Gazela technology centre under the theme: “FinTech: A disruptive innovation”.

The forum is an excellent vehicle for promoting digital culture and innovation in this field as well as its impact on other sectors. It is also an exclusive meeting place for young students, graduates, companies and educational institutions, providing an environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. It will also be the ideal context to discuss Fintech issues thanks to the expertise of the guests of the forum and through conferences and round tables throughout the day.

In a communiqué a copy of which received by TunisianMonitorOnline, SUP’COM  voices pride to be one of the poles influencing the field of ICTs in Tunisia aiming, through this reform, to make information and communication technologies an important lever for the development of the national economy and guarantee the improvement of the competitiveness of Tunisian companies.

In this connection, SUP’COM explained in the same communiqué that “FinTech” is a term derived from the contraction of “finance” and “technology”, which refers to the sector of activity in which companies use new information and communication technologies to offer cheaper and more efficient financial services to users.

Besides, it reveals that by combining innovation, flexibility, simplicity and efficiency, Fintechs companies are pushing the market leaders in place.

The banking market is particularly favourable to the development of Fintechs, as is the insurance sector. The financial services offered by Fintech target both B2B relationships, i.e. between professionals, and B2C relationships, i.e. from professional to consumer.

The SUP’COM communiqué added that the Fintechs focus mainly first on technology mainly to the current context which is witnessing constant technological innovation. It reveals that today, the Internet and smartphones, as well as exponential technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, have restructured entire industries.

Secondly, SUP’COM indicates that finance in its current version in Tunisia is not perfectly in harmony with the evolution in ICT. Thus, alternative finance, capable of providing fast, less costly and specialised services, is fundamental.

Last but not least, the digital trust and cybersecurity focuses on the development of a strategy for cybersecurity, protection of digital infrastructures and systems and prevention of cybercrime.

The Fintech industry then tries to offer innovative services by seeking to guarantee users greater safety and efficiency.

Fintechs are proving to be both an alternative to known services and a real complementarity to the traditional system,  SUP’COM concluded in its communiqué.

The SUP’COM  forum will be mainly attended by Mr. Anouar Maarouf: Minister of ICT and Digital Economy, Mr. Marouane El Abbassi: Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) and Mr. Jalloul Ayed former Minister of Finance who will take the floor at the opening of the forum.


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